First blog post

This is my 3rd blog, following Just Rambling (which contains my travel photos and write-ups, my childhood memories, some fan-fictions I wrote, music, food, etc), and Just Rambling 2 (which mainly contains travel photos of the places I’ve visited, including places in Singapore).

This blog will be used to post photos of places I’ve visited, either at home or abroad.  I started this new blog mainly because my 2nd blog, Just Rambling 2, has reached its capacity and I do not want to spend money to upgrade it.  It’s the same reason for starting Just Rambling 2 when Just Rambling had reached its capacity too.  There’s no reason for me to upgrade the plan since I’m not making money out of my blog.  I started blogging because I wanted my friends from other countries to have a taste of my culture and also experience the joy of travelling through my eyes.  I hope I can continue to bring joy to my readers through this new blog.

The picture I used for this post was taken at St Paul’s Ruins in Macau.  The blog post can be found here: Macau Trip

Happy reading!


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