Seoul/Osaka 11-20 Nov 16 – Day 6 Seoul

Day 6 – While Lina and her girls were still sleeping, the rest of us got up early to get ready for our flight to Seoul.  Taking turns with the toilet and bathroom, shuffling around the tiny living room while doing last minute pack-up, we managed to leave the apartment and get to the train station in good time, and got to the airport with time to spare for breakfast and last minute shopping to spend the remaining Yen.

Irene, Mel and I were on the same flight while Stef had a later flight.  We reached Seoul airport an hour before her and waited for her.  However, as the airport bus was full, she had to take a later bus.  We left her with instructions on how to get to the hotel, and Mel also asked the friendly uncle in charge of the coaches to help make sure he got Stef on the next bus.


Arrival at Seoul Airport

After an uneventful 1 to 2-hr ride (I think it’s 2-hr because it seemed to be along ride), we reached Myeong-Dong where we would be staying for the rest of our trip.  We alighted the coach and dragged our luggage along the pavement outside a row of shops to our hotel, the Sejong Hotel.  The hotel was classy and the check in was fast and fuss-free.  However, the room was quite warm because the central heating was turned on as it was November and the temperature outside was supposed to be around 6-12C.  We tried opening the window but could only open a small slit.  We ended up perspiring and had to call the front desk for help.  They eventually sent someone up with a tiny stand fan that made a lot of noise if it wasn’t propped up properly.  Oh well, it was better than nothing!

After unpacking and resting a bit, it was time for me to go fetch Stef at the coach drop-off point.  Good thing it was just a straight walk down the pavement to the right of the hotel entrance, otherwise I would’ve gotten lost while Stef probably would’ve found the hotel on her own.

It was late afternoon so we decided to walk to Namsan Tower for a buffet dinner.  It was an uphill climb amidst buildings in cold weather.  The cold wind hit us when we stepped outside the hotel but we gradually got used to the cold air.  The trek uphill in cold weather was quite a nice experience.  The road was very clean and we passed by quaint little shop houses and residential units.  Everything seemed so nice and exciting to me as it was my first time in Seoul, despite the fact that my right foot was aching due to plantar fasciitis.  It was a relief to finally reach the cable car station though.


View from the cable car


We had our buffet dinner at Season’s Table at Namsan Seoul Tower 4F.  It was my first Korean buffet and though I do not know much about Korean cuisine because it’s not something I really like, I tried most of the food there.  The dishes were not extensive and there was no seafood, mainly chicken and pork, but the dishes tasted good.  To me, it’s usually more about the company than good food so I have no complain.

After a full stomach, we went to explore the area and took some photos.  It was getting dark outside despite it being only 7:30pm.  The pictures are too dark but I can’t edit the them to lighten them now because there is no picture editing software on my pc after upgrading to Office 2016 😦

Namsan Seoul Tower is a popular spot for couples and one of the things they love to do up there is to purchase a padlock and lock it onto the railing surrounding the viewing platform, together with their promises of eternal love for one another.

It was freakin’ cold up there…

Leaving Namsan Tower via the cable car, we took a walk along the streets and admired the Christmas light displays on the many tall commercial buildings.  We especially enjoyed the display on the buidling in the last two pictures below as the lights changed according to the Christmas carols being played.  We stayed at the opposite side of the road to watch the displays for a good ten minutes and took pictures and videos.

Can’t remember what we did after this, probably walked along Myeong-dong streets to enjoy the street food and did some shopping for beauty products.  I have no more photos of this day so it’s like I suffered a concussion and can’t remember what we did after dinner…

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