Seoul/Osaka 11-20 Nov 16 – Day 8 Seoul

Day 8 of our trip.  We woke up early for a day of shopping at Edae & Ewah Womans University.  Before that, we had to have sustenance and we managed to find that in a restaurant nearby our hotel.  We had abalone porridge, a much better version than the watered down version we had at the airport.  The abalone was in slices, not chopped into small pieces that you just swallow them along with the porridge.  Looking at the pictures now makes me want to go back and eat it again.

After a very satisfying breakfast, we went on our way to the subway for a ride to Edae but along the way, I saw a shop selling shoes at 50% discount.  I just had to go in to have a look because my feet were killing me.  I ended up buying a pair of winter boots that were very comfortable for my plantar fasciitis-suffering right foot.  The boots were ugly but they made me walk with a spring, so I changed into them immediately and off we went to Edae.

At Edae, we found shops that sell bags, clothes, accessories, makeups, skincare products…the usual stuff but the price of the clothes and bags were quite cheap.  Apparently skincare and makeups too because Mel and my sisters spent quite some time in one of the shops and came out with bags of goodies.  I bought a top and wool skirt for Won 10,000 each, and a sling bag for the same price.  Most of the clothes and bags were at Won 10,000 each so it’s a steal.  The quality and workmanship were very good too.

I had a video call with hubby while waiting for the others to finish shopping in the skin care shop and it just so happened that his company van suffered a punctured tyre LOL and he was trying to fix it.

Then I had a sudden need for the loo and when the others returned from the shop, we looked for the ‘tourist police’ (young people in red t-shirts who provide assistance to tourists) who directed us to a square where shoppers take a break from shopping and sit on the benches while waiting for the others.  The public toilets, surprisingly, were very clean and didn’t smell at all on the inside even though you could smell the stench from the outside LOL

We continued on with our exploration after that and came to the Ewah Womans University campus.  The university is a private women’s university, and it is ‘currently the world’s largest female educational institute and is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea’, according to Wikipedia.  And yes, the word ‘Womans’ in the university name is spelled just like that, and according to Wikipedia again, ‘Τhe use of “Womans” carries special meaning. The early founders of the college thought that every woman is to be respected; to promote this idea, they chose the word “woman” to avoid lumping students together under the word “women.”‘


On our way back…look at the autumn leaves!

After so much walking, it was time for some Korean fried chicken meal at Two Two Fried Chicken.  We ordered spring onion fried chicken and garlic fried chicken, and needless to say, they were delicious!

We decided to go back to Myeong-dong street for more shopping of beauty stuff again.   Of course, we had to taste the street food as well since Stef did not get to savour the street food like we did on the first day of our trip.  She flew direct to Osaka while we flew to Seoul before flying to Osaka on Day 2 to meet up with the tribe.

I guess that was all for Day 8…

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