Seoul/Osaka 11-20 Nov 16 – Day 9 Seoul

Day 9 was the day we had some really yummylicious food at some uptown cafes in the Gangnam district.  First stop was the Yeolbong Jjimdak restaurant where we had some seriously delicious braised chicken.  I so want to try it again now, just look at the pictures of the jjimdak!  The chicken pieces were soft and tender and very flavourful.  The potato and carrot slices soaked up the gravy very well and the rice balls that went along with the chicken dish…we just couldn’t get enough of them all!  It’s definitely a place to revisit again, just like the Joon-ho Kitchen which we had pizzas and beef sushi.


A meal isn’t complete without some sweet treats so after polishing up the jjimdak and rice balls, we walked along tree-lined streets and came to Sona Dessert Cafe.  Everything in this cafe is Instagram-worthy, from the cafe setting to the desserts.  The round pink globe we ordered broke apart with a few knocks of the dessert spoon to review flower petals, leaves and mousse cake encased in the sugar-made casing.  The chocolate cover on top of the glass containing mousse and ice-cream melted away when we poured hot chocolate on it.  We also ordered petit fours and got to choose our petit fours from a tray of beautiful cakes, eclairs, sweets and tarts.

Tummy satisfied, we slowly strolled to the city centre where the 4-storey Kakao Friends is located.  There was a long queue outside the store with many fans of the famous Kakao characters waited to get in.  The store was humongous, and every floor you get to see and buy Kakao merchandise.  Mel was in heaven!  Ryan the bear was so big, it towered over her.  Needless to say, she didn’t leave the store until she burnt a hole in her pocket!

We might have had a very nice dessert earlier on, but we couldn’t resist trying out some of the cakes at the Kakao cafe at the top of floor of the store and of course, quench our thirst.

I think we spent about 2 hours in the store because very soon, it was dinner time.  We went back to Hongdae where we first tasted the food at Joon-ho Kitchen.  We just had to have another taste of it before we left Seoul for home.  Besides, Stef hadn’t tried it yet.  We got a free pizza for ordering four mains, I think.  The pizza was really nice and was served with syrup, which was a bit strange but nonetheless, went well together.  See, we polished off the whole pizza!

And that capped our memorable trip to both Osaka and Seoul.  It has taken me almost 2 years to blog about it but it was worth the time spent putting my memory here.


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